i’m still basking in the glow of beauty and flawlessness which was Dolce & Gabanna’s S/S 2015 Milan Fashion Week. 
i’m exploring potential colors and color styling for my third year film (if i keep this idea in the first place)
right now i’m dabbling on a film idea about treasure hunting foxes and seeing where it takes me in the long run. (/□\*)・゜
my outfit was incredibly cute today, and in hair updates: i’m a bonafide blonde. in other updates, i’ve taken to drinking my coffee with a straw. 
i’ve had helter skelter on my list of movies to watch since last year but i only just recently watched and fell in love with this beautifully twisted film 
photo sets of girls in monochrome outfits with varying skin tones is both really pretty and really inspiring
school started this week and i’ve been following NYFW at the same time. my favorite style from Tess Giberson Spring/Summer 2015 line  
still not updating as much as i should, i’m sorry ♡ here’s my outfit from yesterday ♡
please announce the kingdom hearts 3 release date sony